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DISC Personality Profiling...

TEAMS Profile™

  • Create high performance Teams
  • Understand motivating factors
  • Identify five key Team roles of Theorist
    Executer, Analyser, Manager & Strategist
  • Capitalise on collective team strengths
  • Describes each role and key value
  • Identify core strengths, potential limitations
  • Strengthen trust, enhancing communication
Profile for developing effective Teams

An excellent corporate resource for team development in business, church and ministry. The results from the TEAMS Profile™ provides leaders with insights to maximise team effectiveness by strategically placing each member in their best position. Helps to increase mutual understanding and appreciation of respective talents, styles of communicating, preferences, leadership qualities and challenge areas. This deeper understanding serves to enhance the quality of communication, strengthening the team's trust. Combine with the DISC Personality and Values Style profiles for a complete analysis.

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