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MinistryKeys™ Online Assessment System

  • Church & Ministry Personality Reports
  • For Training, Team Building & Recruiting
  • Low cost Internet profiles for Churches
  • Use DISC Personality or combine with:
    Team Working, Values, Spiritual Gifts
    Cognitive Thinking, Perceptual Learning
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Online Church DISC Personality Assessments

MinistryKeys™ online assessment system for Church and Ministry provides keys for unlocking people potential, helping staff and members excel as they discover their strengths and are placed accordingly. Team-working is enhanced as each one grows in understanding the others, learning how they communicate, what motivates them and how to resolve conflicts more effectively.

MinistryKeys™ assessments and benchmarks are based on over 25 years experience undergoing rigorous validation and reliability testing. Profile reports include DISC personality, TEAM Working, Motivation/Values style and Spiritual Gifts. Whether you are appointing staff, building teams or training leaders, MinistryKeys™ helps develop individuals and build outstanding teams.

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